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The Boardroom Retreat - Change Your Story provides content and retreats to help people to change their old story and live in their new story. We may need to collect personal information to verify your identity or to collect payment for services. You may be required to provide your name, address, telephone number, email address, banking card number or other payment information. You agree to pay and fees or charges that may be incurred as a part of purchasing our services.

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Intellectual Property

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Retreat/Event Insurance:

Participants are responsible to take out insurance to cover all accidents, medical treatment, retreat cancellation by circumstances outside of our control, such as COVID restrictions, and travel arrangements and accommodation.

Retreat/Event Cancellation Policy:

  1. In the event a Boardroom Retreat or Change Your Story (We, Us) Retreat/Event is cancelled or postponed, all monies received by Us will be fully refunded to the participant. However, any other associated costs are not covered by Us and must be covered by the participants own insurance. 
  2. We are not responsible for expenses incurred in preparation for any cancelled trips (i.e. costs associated with travel delays or cancellations, illness or illness/death of family member). 
  3. Participant cancellations must be received by Us via email. Your place is not cancelled unless you have received written verification from Us to acknowledge your email has been received. Participants may cancel their booking and receive a 100% refund if they provide written notice 6 weeks prior to the first day of the retreat. Cancellation by participant incurs a $50 administration fee. 
  4. If a participant cancels less than 6 calendar weeks prior to the first day of the retreat, the deposit and any other monies paid are forfeited, or the participant may nominate an alternate attendee who is not already registered up until 1 day prior to the retreat, with a $50 administration fee. 
  5. Without exception, We do not offer a refund for cancellation with less than 6 weeks' notice, including injury, personal emergencies, environmental events and political actions.


  1. The Boardroom Retreat - Change Your Story (We, Us) does not offer discounts, refunds or credits for participants arriving late, leaving early, or missing any part of a retreat or event, or optional activities while on the retreat. 
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